Curated in collaboration with Collin Munn and Rindon Johnson


/brȯd-ˌkast\ explores the rapid move between public and private modes of receiving and experiencing information. Balancing inner and outer forms of reception in their work, Johnson and Valinsky consider the public and private line as one mediated by physiological intake: a gushing out or pouring in of images, sounds, and text.

Rin Johnson’s slide viewers displace the public viewing aspect of a slideshow, beaming light out to accommodate only one viewer at a time, in a retinal engagement which is both personal, and intimate. Collapsing the space of viewing, Johnson’s photographs narrow down to a zero space, where photographic memory is a function of time spent with eyes peeled to the viewers’ glass. Johnson also projects a slowly melting heap of slides, marking the progressive dissolution of the possibility of image transmission over time.

Michael Valinsky’s poems, written in response to Johnson’s slides, draw from a wide array of sources ranging from the Communist Manifesto to email threads. On each day of the exhibition, Valinsky will release a new poem in the form of an audio recording, transmitting sound through earphones and into sonic canals.

Selections of the poetry and images from the slides come together as portable iPhone cases in a nod to the ubiquity of functional art.